Opening Hours:
Lunch (Mon-Fri): 12:00noon - 3:00pm; Dinner (Mon-Thur): 6:30pm - 12:00midnight, Dinner (Fri-Sat & PH): 6:00pm - 12:00midnight; Sunday: Close
Shop Unit:Shop No. 8, 1/F
Tel:+852 2850 8371

BO Innovation

Obtaining Michelin's highest honor of THREE stars for 3 consecutive years, BO Innovation has taken discerning diners and food critics round the world by storm. It specialises in ‘molecular gastronomy’ with a Chinese twist, which fuses traditional and modern techniques to create a unique culinary experience.

A Cascade of Sensations
Alvin Leung Jr., aka the ‘Demon Chef’, is the creative wizard running the astounding restaurant. Despite having no formal training, his passion for experimental cuisines and creative improvisation cannot be doubted.

“Food is the new rock’n’roll,” describes Leung, “I combine centuries old methods with modern cooking techniques to revolutionise Chinese food. The series dishes I designed are intended to create a cascade of sensations.”

Hidden Treasure
“The creative mixing and matching of different ingredients will bring out unique new flavours. It’s like unearthing the hidden treasure of the ingredients,” states Leung, “that’s why I name the restaurant BO, which is Chinese for ‘treasure.’”

The Demon Chef knows just how to toy with one’s sense of expectation in order to dig out the hidden treasure. At BO Innovation, what you see is not always what you get — almost everything he cooks has a unique twist. Flavours and textures are mixed in unimaginable ways, pairing fresh local ingredients with imported delicacies to create taste sensations you cannot experience anywhere else.

His original menu includes such standouts as thousand-year-old eggs in ginger cones, Macau crab soufflé, and the extremely well-received reinvention of ‘lap mei fan’, which, instead of a bowl of glutinous rice with assorted dried meats, he turns into a delectable dollop of pork-sausage ice cream.

The menu at the restaurant changes monthly according to the Demon Chef’s new discoveries. While he devotes himself in making every meal an experience, be prepared to be wowed every time you pay him a visit.